Pellet Mill Ring Dies
Pellet Mill Ring Dies
Pellet Mill Ring Dies

Pellet Mill Ring Diesproduct

【Product Introduction】

With over 10 years of pellet mill manufacturing experiences,
MACREAT could provide you with perfectly fit ring dies for any kinds of pellet machine you use!


1. Perfectly adapts to any brand machines;
2. Extra-durable, good quality and pellet shaping;
3. Extremely fine processed and mirror polished.
4. Only fine alloy steel & stainless steel are used as material;
5. All heat processed to eliminate stresses, improve performance.


We can guarantee:

• High quality Alloy & Stainless Steels as raw material, processed with extremely precise manufacture;

• Perforation and mirror polishing of holes;

• Vacuum heat treatment, making the die much more durable and better pellet quality;

• Minimum die deformation after heat treatment;

• Test and control before delivery

• All dies are through hardened to 55-60HRC.

Working Principle

1. Select degassed billets for refining outside the furnace, while general enterprises use continuous casting billets;

2. The mold uses gun drills and multi-station group drills, the mold holes are formed at one time, and the finish is high. The appearance of the produced feed is bright and the output is high;

3. The mold uses a combination of vacuum furnace and continuous quenching furnace to ensure that the service life is doubled;

4. We help customers design the compression rate and strength according to the principles and needs, to ensure that the machine is discharged, and the appearance of the material is smooth and clean, to ensure the high quality of the product.


Model  Mounting Inner Dia (mm) Pellet Dia (mm)
420 Horizontal φ400 6`20
450 Vertical φ450 6`20
560 Vertical φ550 6`20
660 Horizontal φ650 6`20
700 Vertical φ700 6`20
850 Vertical φ850 6`20

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