Hammer Mill for Wood Pellets SG65*75
Hammer Mill for Wood Pellets SG65*75
Hammer Mill for Wood Pellets SG65*75
Hammer Mill for Wood Pellets SG65*75

Hammer Mill for Wood Pellets SG65*75product

【Product Introduction】

The hammer mill is a device that uses high-speed rotating hard and high-toughness alloy hammers to beat and crush materials to produce small-sized materials. The hammer-type high-efficiency hammer mill is widely used in various industries such as biomass fuel, pharmacy, chemical industry, scientific research, feed organic fertilizer, breeding, etc. It is suitable for grinding various forestry and agricultural wastes such as biological straw, straw, wood chips and wood branches. The high-efficiency hammer mill has become an important auxiliary equipment in the production process of biomass briquette because of its high speed, good stability, collective sturdiness and durability, simple operation and maintenance, and satisfactory energy-to-output ratio.


The feed inlet of the multifunctional crusher is on one side, which is suitable for relatively large-sized materials, such as small branches, veneer strips, veneer, various crop straws, waste newspapers, waste paper boxes, etc. The length of the material is not limited, the width does not exceed the width of the inlet, and the diameter or thickness does not exceed 2 cm.


1.The machine will be passed by the dynamic balance testing, the error of hammers is within 0.2 g, which can guarantee the machine runs stably.

2. Bearing seat is made of bearing steel, which is large and wide to ensure the stable operation of the machine.

3. The materials of hammers is tungsten carbide welding. The hammers are thick and the effect is better.

4. The discharge port of wood hammer mill is high and the material is not blocked.

5. Feed inlet of wood hammer mill with anti-caulking baffle to prevent material collapse.

6. Hammer mill feeding materials vertically, feeding smoothly.

Working Principle

The material enters from the top or side inlet of the hammer mill and collides with the high-speed hammer violently, pulling the hammer into the acceleration zone, and the particle speed can be increased to close to the end line of the hammer in a short time. And make a circular motion with the hammer, so as to gradually form a material commutation layer at full speed, and at the same time, the material is further crushed. The crushed material is discharged through the fan in the form of pneumatic conveying, and falls into the cyclone separator and passes through the air lock. The output of the device can effectively avoid dust while not blocking the material, ensuring the smooth progress of the entire production.


Model SG65*75
Power (kw) 75
Capacity (t/h) 1.5-2.5
Hammer Qty (pcs) 72
Cyclone Dimater (mm) 1200
Dust Collector Bag Number (pcs) 36/48
Weight (kg) 2800
Dimension (mm) 2424*1385*2014

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