Sawdust Flat Die Pellet Mill
Sawdust Flat Die Pellet Mill
Sawdust Flat Die Pellet Mill

Sawdust Flat Die Pellet Millproduct

【Product Introduction】

Sawdust Flat Die Pellet Mill is a new type of pellet machine specially developed for biomass raw materials. It is suitable for granulating a variety of biomass raw materials. The gearbox gear adopts high-quality alloy steel, special surface heat treatment process, and finely processed by grinding, smooth transmission, low noise, large carrying capacity, low temperature rise and long life. The box body increases strongly, and the pressure tolerance is greater.


1.The fuel pellets produced by this equipment has high density and high combustion value.
2.It has many types of molds, and convenient to use and easy to operate.
3.It has large yield and high efficiency.
4.Low energy consumption, high yield and easy to operate.
5.It can adapt to different materials and guarantee the pelletizing effect.


1.Flat die pellet mills are small in size and light in weight because of the compacted structure design.

2.Flat die pellet mils are easier to be cleaned and maintained and cheaper because of the design of portable rollers and die.

3.Flat die pellet mils are more convenient for you to monitor the process of pelletizing by watching the pelletizing chamber which make the experiment of indeterminate materials for raw materials expansion easier.

4.The disadvantages of pellet mills are they are not suitable for large scale pellet production. And also the gap between the roller and the die is tricky which should be adjustable according to the species of the raw materials especially the hardness of the raw materials.

Working Principle

The flat die pellet mill was the first pellet mill design at the turn of the 20th century based on flat dies. Generally, there are two types of flat die pellet mills in the market, the rotating die type and the rotating roller type. The former one has a stationary roller with the rotating die while the latter has a stationary die with a rotating roller. Adopting vertical principle, the raw materials drops down by the its own weight into the pelletizing chamber where they are compressed between the rollers and die to form pellets by going through the die holes.













Model LD-400 LD-450 LD-550
Power (Kw) 37 55 75
Capacity (Kg/h) 400-600 600-800 800-1000
Weight (Kg) 1000 1600 2000
Package Size (mm) 1380x630x1280 1480x730x1380 1580x730x1480

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