Double Shaft Hammer Mill
Double Shaft Hammer Mill
Double Shaft Hammer Mill
Double Shaft Hammer Mill

Double Shaft Hammer Millproduct

【Product Introduction】

Hammer mill grinding machine is a device that uses high-speed rotating hard and high-toughness alloy hammers to beat and crush materials to produce small-sized materials. The hammer-type high-efficiency hammer mill is widely used in various industries such as biomass fuel, pharmacy, chemical industry, scientific research, feed organic fertilizer, breeding, etc. It is suitable for grinding various forestry and agricultural wastes such as biological straw, straw, wood chips and wood branches. The high-efficiency hammer mill has become an important auxiliary equipment in the production process of biomass briquette because of its high speed, good stability, collective sturdiness and durability, simple operation and maintenance, and satisfactory energy-to-output ratio.


The equipment is equipped with dual motors and dual spindles. Compared with single-shaft hammer mill, the output is higher.


1.It contains two rotors and they rotate relative to each other, which leads to better performance compared with single shaft type.                                                                                                                         

2.It adopts welded-steel plate construction, machine is embedded for seal.           

3.Forged hammers has symmetric homogeneous permutation, small vibration without blind angle, large crushing friction area.                                                                                                                                

4.After balance calibration, rotors can work reversely.                                       

5.Operating door has safety interlock to make sure it can not be opened when running.

Working Principle

The hammer rotates through power transmission, and two rotors rotate relative to each other. After reaching a certain speed, the feed material is crushed. Under the action of the fan, the crushed materials are discharged out of the machine through the screen holes.                                             


Model GXPSS80*100
Capacity (t/h) 5-8
Power (kw) 110*2
Hammer Qty (pcs) 192
Dust Collector Bag Number (pcs) 96
Cyclone Diameter (mm) 1800
Weight (kg) 5200
Dimension (mm) 2800*1800*2570

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