Find a good market for pellets, and expand production

—— 2020-06-22

Coincidentally, a customer of Qixia in China also bought a production line of 3-4 tons to process apple wood, and said that the pellets are sold well in Korea and Japan, and they can consider adding other raw materials in the future to fill in another production line.

Process introduction: 1. Coarse flour section: wood chip machine crushes wood scraps into 3-8CM wood chips 2. Fine powder section: the grinder grinds 3-8cm wood chips into 3-5mm sawdust 3. Drying section: the dryer reduces the length rate of the crushed wet wood chips from 50% to 10-15% 4. Pelletizing section: the pellet machine will make the dried wood chips into pellets through pure physical extrusion 5. Cooling section: The cooler cools the finished particles to natural temperature 6. Packing section: the packing machine packs the cooled particles