The solution to handle wet straw and wet wood chips—triple-pass dryer

—— 2020-06-19

Mr. Wang from Jilin has a lot of straw, but because of the high water content, he bought one of our dryers and is also very interested in our new product-the triple-pass dryer.

The three-channel dryer is composed of inner, middle and outer three-layer cylinders. The wet material enters from one end of the inner cylinder. After drying from the inner cylinder to the middle cylinder and from the middle cylinder to the outer cylinder, the dry material flows from the end of the outer cylinder. Collect with separator.

1. The thermal efficiency of the cylinder body is as high as 70% or more (the thermal efficiency of the traditional single-cylinder dryer is only 35%), and the thermal efficiency is increased by more than 50%
2. Compared with the single-cylinder dryer, the floor space is reduced by about 50%, the civil construction investment is reduced by about 50%, and the power consumption is reduced by 60%.
3. The air outlet temperature is low, the dust removal equipment can be used for a long time, and it can be continuously produced for the next process.