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【Product Introduction】

Briquette press machine is a pressing and forming machine for compressing the wood chips, sawdust, crop straws and forest residual into solid fuel with a whole process including crushing, compressing, forming ,etc.


1. Hydraulic briquetting machine is equipped with hydraulic system which makes it different from common briquette machine.Thanks to the hydraulic device,the pressure for compressing raw materials can keep constant.
2. When bigger or harder materials enter into rollers,the hydraulic system will work to project the roller and ensure higher briquetting efficiency.


1. Continuosely producing firm shaped briquettes, high density, and adding values to the materials, fully automatic;

2. Automatically adjusting the traction speed in a given range and realize stepless speed regulation;

3. Reversion rotation of the motor available, convenient to be changed the rotation of the working mechanism and the linear reciprocating motion;

4. The hydraulic pump and the motor are connected by oil pipes, which are not strictly limited to each other in spatial arrangement;

5. Smart lubricating system, the relative moving surfaces of components can be self lubricated, with small wear and long service life;

6. Siemens PLC control, multiple language available, easy to operate and control with high degree of automation;

7. Self protection, when suddenly overloaded or stopped, there will be no impact.

Working Principle

All briquetting systems of the MACREAT LDBP series process residual wood at a constantly high level of quality and density – from dust to wood shavings and coarse chips.

Raw material including plant straw, manure peper, grain husk, peanut shell, cotton rod, wood chip, sawdust, branch, bark, bamboo powder, wood timbering, forest residual and household refuse, etc. could be made into briquettes after being crushe.

Varying bulk densities are offset automatically. The pressing pressure of all models is sufficient to press loose chips into solid briquettes. Binders are not required for this process. It is important that the moisture content of the wood chips is below 15%, preferably under 12%, and that the chip size does not exceed 50mm. The general rule is that the fi ner the material is, the smoother and more solid the surface and edges turn out.


Customer use video



Model LDBP500
Hydraulic Motor Power 22 kw
Feeding Motor Power 1.5 kw
Stirring Motor motor 4.0 kw
Size of Raw Material <20 mm
Moisture of Material <20%
Moisture of Briquette <10%
Briquettes diameter 90 mm
Capacity 400-500 kg/h
Size 4000*2000*2000 mm

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