Biomass Hammer Mill GXP65*75
Biomass Hammer Mill GXP65*75
Biomass Hammer Mill GXP65*75
Biomass Hammer Mill GXP65*75

Biomass Hammer Mill GXP65*75product

【Product Introduction】

GXP series hammer mill is one wood crusher machine,which is used to produce sawdust. The finished size of saw dust is 30 to 50 cm. Materials that can be processed by the hammer mill include wood chips, shavings, agricultural straw, rice husk, peanut shell, wood branches,etc.


The high efficiency hammer mill has high speed, good stability, sturdy and durable body, simple operation and maintenance and satisfactory energy-to-output ratio. It has become an important auxiliary equipment in the production process of biomass fuel pellets.


1.The hammer mill will be passed by the dynamic balance testing, and the weight difference of each group of hammers dose not exceed 1 gram, so as to ensure the stable operation of the machine.

2.The bearing seat is made of bearing steel, which is large and wide to ensure stable operation.

3.The raw material of hammers is tungsten carbide welding. The hammer is thick, and the crushing effect is better.

4.The discharging port of hammer mill is higher, and the material is not easy to be blocked.

Working Principle

A group of hammers rotate through power transmission. After reaching a certain speed, they will crush the fed materials. Under the action of the fan, the crushed materials will be discharged out of the machine through the holes of the screen.




Model GXP65*75
Capacity (t/h) 1-3
Power (kw) 75
Hammer Qty (pcs) 72
Dust Collector Bag Number (pcs) 48
Cyclone Diameter (mm) 1200
Weight (kg) 2000
Dimension (mm) 2550*1100*2300

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