0.5-1t/h Pellet Mill LD450

0.5-1t/h Pellet Mill LD450product

【Product Introduction】

Wood Pellet Mill is a biomass fuel production machinery by processing scrap from forest and agricultural waste like eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit and agricultural straw, bamboo. Compared with the old machine, it absorbed the essence of horizontal ring die and flat die pellet machine,solved the insufficient pressure, die crack problems of horizontal ring die pellet machine, and overcame the small capacity, high failure rate of flat die pallet machine.
It adopt the large modulus hardened surface helical gearbox,main shaft reinforcement, power output is strong, good stability, low failure rate, low production cost, so it is the first choice machinery for biomass energy industry.


Adopting large modulus hardened surface helical gearbox
Reinforced spindle, strong power output
Good stability
Low failure rate
Low production cost
The preferred machinery for the biomass energy industry


1. The material is fed vertically, and the material can be directly fed into the granulating chamber.

2. Due to centrifugal force, the material is evenly distributed around the granulation chamber.

3. Double-layer molds can reduce costs. High efficiency and energy saving, after a period of time, the other side can be changed to ensure high-quality particles. The mold is stationary and the rollers rotate; due to centrifugal force, the material is evenly distributed around the granulation chamber.

4. The ring die and vertical structure are conducive to cooling the granulation chamber.

5. The combination of squeezing force and centrifugal force can ensure the molding degree and high density of the particles.

6. The automatic intermittent lubrication system extends the service life of machine parts, and the machine can run 24 hours a day.

Working Principle














Model LD450
Power(kw) 55
Capacity(t/h) 0.5-1
Pellet diameter(mm) 6/8/10
Size(mm) 2300x1000x1750
Weight(ton) 2.5t

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